Fitness Fitness Fitness…. Where art Thou

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Fitness is necessary for a number of things. A fit mind is better accustomed to face the challenges of life.  I am trying to lose weight for a number of reasons and as usual the weight loss is not happening. Some days, I stick to my schedule and eat healthy, go to the gym and other days as they say life takes over.

Here are some of the basic mantras I try to follow every day

a) Take Breakfast every day :- This is mainly because “The Better Half”  scrambles to office with dabba. Hence breakfast has to be cooked and lunch packed.

b) Exercise :- Using youtube videos or the gym

c) A simple light lunch :- Usually its Roti Subzi or Khichdi

d) Some tea in the evening :- Nope, I can never leave tea. My morning does not begin without tea and a phone call to Mom.

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If you purchased Jack3d or oxyelite you are entitled to a reimbursement. (even without proof of purchase) via /r/Fitness

This is insane!! I’ve been using Jack3d for years off and on and had no idea about this class action suit. Apparently, I have been living under a rock and haven’t noticed anything regarding the types of supplements that I use. Where the hell is my head at!!


Don’t be stupid and commit fraud shit will get you in jail. Anyways here you go!

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Why Bodybuilding?

The first thing that caught my eye was “WHY”. When it comes to lifting and people continuously asking why do you workout, I tell them it is a lifestyle. Not everyone understands what that means and honestly other than saying its a lifestyle, I’ve had a hard time figuring out the “WHY” for myself. This post helped me realize a little bit about myself and the “WHY” behind the reason I lift. I haven’t read “The Man Who Pulled His Own Leg” but I think I might pick it up!

Planet Beast

Last night, a friend of mine asked me why I lift weights and build my body. She wasn’t being flip—she was actually intrigued by it, and wanted to understand what motivates me in the kind of training I do. I replied—and here’s what I said.

“HEY! So, why the training? Sorry in advance for writing a really long thing, but I’m getting pretty fascinated by trying to answer the question, because it forces me to step back and take a fresh look at why I do what I do, getting it clear enough to communicate it to someone else.

Really, the WHY varies from person to person, and there are as many different drives finding an outlet in bodybuilding as there are bodybuilders (and many, many different drives finding an outlet EVEN IN ONE bodybuilder, haha). But I can only get into my own stuff, and what I’ve talked about with…

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Monologue 2


Abs For Days

Well this is true. I can’t wait for that time of the year when companies start advertising products that will “magically” transform your belly fat into rock hard abs. For people who believe that abs can be created in minutes (or even seconds) read this!

Planet Beast

Next summer, everybody is going to be looking for a fast, easy way to get a flat stomach and six-pack abs.

I’m here to tell you: winter is the time to start. Give yourself MONTHS to undertake your new fitness routine and make steady progress. That way you’ll have real, lasting results to show off next summer when you finally pull the big reveal and take your shirt off the first day it’s warm and sunny again.

I’m also here to share the one big secret everyone who’s looking for a way to melt fat, build muscle and transform their body needs to know: you’ll have to train hard, and train consistently. There’s no magic trick. I have nothing to sell you, and anyone who says they have something to sell you “to make getting fit easy” is lying. You don’t need a miracle, you just need to work steadily…

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Your Diet Influences Your State Of Health: Maintaining Very good Nutrition

Getting into the gym is the easy part. Being able to maintain the proper diet you allow you to reach your goals! I can across this blog and thought it was very informative and really straight forward!